Angie Pastore

Pastore Nickname _Basketball-300x350
Birthdate 1916
Year Inducted 1995
Category Athlete
Sport Basketball


Angie Pastore what a great basketball player at Croton on the Hudson N.Y. High School. They actually played an exhibition game against a prison team in Sing Sing Penitentiary. Through-out the years he has played on many different teams. He played on a basketball scholarship for Sycracuse University, he played for a Thompson Products Intermediate Champions, he played for the Merriton Hayes Hellcats as an outstanding guard with teammate Baseball Hall of Fame, Sal “The Barber” Maglie.

In 1944, Hellcats became Canadian Sr. Champions defeating Edmonton at the Queen St. Y.M.C.A Gymnasium. In 1945 the Hellcats then defeated Vancouver at the Queen St. Y.M.C.A Gymnasium. In the same year, Pastore coached Hayes Hellkittens to Candian Juvenile Title and also coached Merritton High School to Central Ontario Secondary School Athletic Association Championship (smallest school in history to win this title). Pastore served on the St. Catharines Standard High School Basketball Tournament Committee for 25 Years. Not only was he known as a coach or a basketball player, but he was known as outstanding baseball player with the University of Syracuse and played second base for H.G. Touch Woods St. Catharines Transports in the Niagara District Senior League at Mckenzie Par k for 4 years.


  • Syracuse University
  • Thompson Products
  • Hellcats