Armand Difruscio

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Birthplace Italy
Year Inducted 1998
Category Builder
Sport Soccer


When Armand Difruscio immigrated from Italy in 1953 he brought with him his passion for soccer. In 1970, Difruscio realized his passion with by securing and with absolutely no knowledge of the English language and worked his way into a responsible position at Newman Structural Steel. However his passion was soccer. In 1970, he obtained an Inner-City League entry for Club Roma and his organization has been dominant in Ontario and across Canada with four Intercity championships, three times the triple crown winner of league, playoff and cup titles and became charter president of the fledgling Canadian Professional Soccer League in which Roma was undefeated in 1997. Partially through his efforts, Club Roma now has one of the most modern sports-convention senior citizens complexes in the area.


  • Club Roma Inner-City League Player 1970
  • Charter President Canadian Professional Soccer League 1997


  • Four Intercity Championships
  • Three time Triple Crown Winner of League
  • Playoff and Cup Titles
  • St. Catharines Sports Hall of Fame 1998