Bill DeMars

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Year Inducted 1993
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Sport Lacrosse


Bill DeMars was very involved in the sport of Lacrosse, helping in many different areas over the course of his involvement.  Bill played a number of roles, including promoter, trainer, executive, fundraiser, handyman and provided the transportation.  He was a trainer for the two Ontario and two Mann Cup Championship Teams, and in 1948 Bill was the trainer and manager of the St. Catharines Jr. A Minto Cup.  From 1952 to 1990, Bill DeMars was the executive secretary of the Old Boys Lacrosse Association, contributing a great deal to this association over the years.  During the 1973 Molson Panasonic Charity Golf Tournament Bill was the prize convener.  In addition to his great contribution to the sport of Lacrosse, Bill also helped to develop a number of leagues at General Motors, including Cribbage, Bowling, Hockey and Softball Leagues.  For all of Bill DeMars’ contributions to Lacrosse, he was recognized by being inducted into the Canadian Lacrosse Hall of Fame in 1986.


  • Trainer—2 Ontario and 2 Mann Cup Chamionship Teams
  • Trainer/Manager—St. Catharines Jr. A Minto Cup 1948
  • Executive Secretary—Old Boys Lacrosse Association 1952-1990
  • Prize Convener—Molson Panasonic Charity Golf Tournament 1973
  • Developer—General Motors—Cribbage, Bowling, Hockey & Softball Leagues


  • St. Catharines Sports Hall of Fame 1993