Bill Sadler

Sadler Nickname _Motorsports-300x350
Birthplace St. Catharines
Year Inducted 1998
Category Athlete
Sport Motorsports



Bill Sadler, a pioneer in the world of auto racing. Started his storied career as a designer and driver from a family shop on Ontario Street in St. Catharines. It was here that Sadler built his first racer, The Sadler Mark I. Through innovations such as his patented fuel injection system and assistance from other race design pioneers of the time, Sadler continued to design, build and race cars. Bill Sadler raced 26 races in various leagues on various circuits in Europe and North America including a win at the Watkins Glen Classic. He finished his brief career with three wins and all in race cars that he had designed and built.

Bill Sadler also had a keen interest in aeronautics and when he decided to retire from motorsports, he went back to school. After achieving his Bachelor of Science and a Master’s degree from M.I.T. in electrical engineers, Sadler opened his own company. This company has become the worlds largest manufacturer of aircraft digital clocks. In 1993, Bill Sadler was inducted into the Canadian Motorsport Hall of Fame in the Builder’s Category for his ground breaking designs and contributions to the growth of Canadian Motorsports.


  • Various North American and European Racing Leagues


  • Canadian Motorsport Hall of Fame 1993