Davey Moore

Moore, Davey Nickname _Motorsports-300x350
Birthdate 1946
Year Inducted 1997
Category Athlete
Sport Motorsports


Davey Moore, with Pete Bicknell both were the dominant winners at Merrittville Speedway since its opening in 1952. In the past 45 years, Pete had 12 and Davey had 6 Modified track records, a total of 18 between the two. In 1979 Davey placed first 12 consecutive times in 15 finals. An incredible racing performance. In the same year, he was selected St. Catharines Athlete of the Year. In 1996 Moore was selected St. Catharines Sportsman of the Year. A year later, in 1997 he was the newest racing member of this Sports Hall of Fame. During Davey’s fabulous career, he placed first in at least 325 of his feature races—an incredible racer. He is now the newest member of the New York State Racing Hall of Fame. Although now he is not a regular competitor, he still makes guest appearances when a car is available.


  • Merrittville Speedway


  • Placed first in 325 Races.
  • New York State Racing Hall of Fame.