Denis Diggins

Diggins_Denis Nickname Duke _Basketball-300x350
Birthdate 1907
Year Inducted 1991
Category Athlete
Sport Basketball, Football, Softball, Baseball, Lacrosse, Running, Rowing, Volleyball, Hockey, Soccer, Bowling, Golf


Denis “Duke” Diggins participated in a variety of sports over the course of his career.  In basketball Denis played with the St. Catharines Grads, as a guard.  In football Denis played both as fullback and as kicker.  While playing softball Diggins was the 1st Baseman Provincial Champs many times, and in baseball he played Jr. and Sr. Pitcher, as well as 3rd Base.  Denis played lacrosse from Midget to Sr. player, was a runner with the St. Catharines Harriers, and participated with the St. Catharines Rowing Fours.  As a volleyball player Denis was able to win the St. Catharines Championship, while also participating while at St. Nicholas School in hockey and soccer.  The final sports that Denis participated in was bowling, both 5 and 10 pin, and playing golf, of which Denis was the St. David’s Champion for three years.  Over the course of Denis’s life he was able to participate and contribute to a great number of sports.  Dennis passed away in July 1985 at the age of 75.


  • St. Catahrines Grads—Basketball Guard
  • St. Catharines Harriers Runner
  • St. Catharines Rowing Fours
  • St. Nicholas School Soccer and Hockey Player


  • 1st Baseman Provincial Champs—Many Times
  • St. Catharines Volleyball Championship
  • St. David’s Golf Champion—3 years
  • St. Catharines Sports Hall of Fame 1991