Douglas Favell Sr.

Favell_Sr_Douglas Nickname Percy _Lacrosse-300x350
Year Inducted 1992
Category Athlete
Sport Lacrosse


Douglas “Percy” Favell Sr. played with the St. Catharines Bantam, Midget, Juvenile and Jr. B Lacrosse teams.  Douglas was able to win the provincial championships for all four of these teams when he played for them.  In 1940 Favell and his team were the Minto Cup Jr. A Champs—Orillia.  From 1941-1942 they played with the Sr. Athletics.  In between his sports career, Douglas took a break from 1943-1944 to serve with the Royal Canadian Navy.  Upon his return Douglas went to the Mann Cup Championships with St. Catharines, Hamilton, and Owen Sound from 1945-1947.  In 1948 he was the first Lacrosse player to be sold from St. Catharines to Hamilton for $200. After switching to Hamilton his team won the Mann Cup in 1948.  Following his Lacrosse career Favell became a charter member of Garden City Kiwanis Club, and was then the president of the club in 1967.  He founded the 1st Convener Garden City Kiwanis Minor Hockey League in 1970.  The league started with 6 teams, and grew to 24 teams by 1980.  Favell also served on the Building Commission for the Bill Burgoyne Arena; was the first president of the St. Catharines Minor Hockey Association; and served 2 years as President of Jr. B Falcons, as well as being the director for 8 years.


  • Lacrosse Player on Bantam, Midget, Juvenile and Jr. B Teams
  • Sr. Athletics Player
  • Charter Member of Garden City Kiwanis Club
  • President Garden City Kiwanis Club
  • Founder of Convener Garden City Kiwanis Minor Hockey League
  • President St. Catharines Minor Hockey Association
  • President (2 years) & Director (8 years) Jr. B Falcons


  • St. Catharines Sports Hall of Fame 1992