Frank Madsen

Madsen_Frank Nickname Geezil _Lacrosse-300x350
Birthdate 1919
Year Inducted 1994
Category Athlete
Sport Lacrosse


Geezil, in 1938 was the youngest player on the Senior Athletics, his brother Carl Madsen was the Team Captain.  His brother, Tom Madsen also played, but all 3 never played on the same team.  From 1938-1946 he played on all 8 Ontario Championship teams and 5 Canadian Championship teams with the only others, Roy Morton and Bill Whitaker.  Geezil played as a “Rover” on 7 main teams then Defence man on later 6 teams.  Geezil was a game innovator and perfected “Over the Shoulder Pass”.  In 1944 he was runner up to M.V.P. in National Finals at the Maple Leaf Gardens.  He has an outstanding record of having a broken nose: Lacrosse 4 times, Hockey 1, Softball 1, and Football 1 equaling an overall 7 broken noses.