Gerry Cheevers

Cheevers_Gerry Nickname Gerry “Cheesie” Cheevers _Hockey-300x350
Birthdate  December 4, 1940
Birthplace St. Catharines, ON
Year Inducted 1991
Category Athlete
Sport Hockey


Gerry Cheevers started as a goal tender and forward in Jr. A. Hockey. Gerry’s professional career began at the age of 16, when he played for the St. Michael’s Majors of the OHA. First owned by the Toronto Maple Leafs, Cheevers was drafted by the Boston Bruins, and stayed with them as a goalie for 13 years. Cheevers hockey career left him with many records, including American Hockey League single-season record for most victories by a goalkeeper, and going undefeated for 33 games during 1972, an NHL record. During 1970 and 1972 Cheevers was on the Stanley Cup winning team. In the Fall of 1972 Cheevers played for the Clevland Crusaders as one of the best goalies in the league. He won First Team All-Stars Honors in 1973, and Second Team All-Stars Honors in 1974 and 1975. Cheevers then returned to the Bruins in 1976, retiring four years later in 1980. During his hockey career Cheevers was most recognized for his mask, which he would put stiches on every time he was hit in the face by a puck. After retiring Cheevers continued to contribute to the game of hockey through coaching the Bruins for a number of years, becoming a commentator for the Hartford Whalers, and being a member of the Bruins scouting staff.


  • Jr. A. Hockey – St. Michael’s – Goal Tender & Forward
  • N.H.L. Boston Bruin Goalie 13 years
  • W.H.A. Cleveland 4 years
  • N.H.L. Boston Bruins Coach 5 years


  • Calder Cup Championship 1965
  • Stanley Cup Winning Team 1970, 1972
  • Record: 33 consecutive NHL undefeated games 1972
  • First Team All-Stars Honors 1973
  • Second Team All-Stars Honors 1974, 1975
  • 1st St. Catharines Born Player Named to Canadian Hockey Hall of Fame 1985