Gerry Hinton

Hinton Nickname _MultiSports-300x350
Birthdate 1948
Year Inducted 2000
Category Athlete
Sport Cross Country


Gerry Hinton first ran with the St. Catharines Civitans. He then carried on with his athletic career and ran with the St. Catharines Collegiate which won many S.O.S.S.A. and Ontario Championships. Hinton was always placed in the top 5 in Cross Country races. When he attended Southern Illinois University he was an All American in his first year. In his second year, unfortunately his career came to a crash with a severe tendon injury. However, after graduation, he pursued teaching and taught at Belvedere III. In 1989, he made his way back to St. Catharines to Sir Winston Churchill. He started the Niagara Olympic Club and coached many S.O.S.S.A. and Ontario High School and Cross Country champions. Hinton enjoys teaching and has no plans for early retirement. His wife, Pat, is also an accomplished Marathon runner.


  • Southern Illinois University
  • Niagara Olympic Club