Gilmour Boa

Boa, Gilmour Nickname Gil _MultiSports-300x350
Birthdate August 8, 1924
Birthplace Montreal, Quebec
Year Inducted 2000
Category Athlete
Sport Shooting – Rifle


Gilmour Boa came from a family of fine marksman, starting his competitive shooting career at the young age of 14, and from there quickly grew to the top of Canada’s rifle shooting ranks. His rifle shooting career spanned over the course of thirty plus years, over which time he was able to attain 12 National Small Bore Rifle Titles, in addition to claiming many prizes. Of Boa’s career highlights, he was able to win the King’s Prize at Bisley, which is the most coveted military shooting award in 1951. At the World Championships in 1954 Boa was able to attain the gold place, as well as set a world record with a score of 598 out of 600. In 1955 Boa then won the Governor General’s Prize at the Canadian Rifle Association meet. At the Olympics Boa represented Canada four times, winning gold in 1954, and bronze in 1956. In the Commonwealth Games Boa was also able to attain two silvers in 1966, and a bronze from the Pan-American Games in 1971.



  • Won King’s Prize at Bisley 1951
  • Gold metal at World Championships with record score of 598 out of 600 1954
  • Won gold at Olympic Games 1954
  • Won Governor General’s Prize at Canadian Rifle Association Meet 1955
  • Won bronze metal at Olympic Games 1956
  • Won two silver and one bronze medal at Pan-American Games 1971