Harry Argent

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Year Inducted 2002
Category Builder
Sport Baseball, Hockey


Harry Argent began his love of sports playing baseball and basketball at the east end YMCA in Hamilton, ON. After serving in the first World War, Harry moved to St. Catharines immediately got himself involved in the St. Catharines sporting scene, playing baseball for the Alliance Paper Co. team in the City league as well as coaching. Harry went on to coach a variety of teams throughout the 1930’s and 1940’s securing both a Junior ‘A’ and Junior ‘B’ Championships as well as guiding the St. Catharines Stags to the Niagara District Senior Championships.

Harry was also very involved with hockey in St. Catharines, managing the Sunshine Dairy Juveniles and the Lions Juveniles between 1940-1942. Harry was approached in 1951 to manage the Juvenile Bison hockey and
along with Coach Red Goble brought home four Southern Ontario Juvenile Championships.

The Argents lived near the front entrance to Thomas Street Park, and Harry often joked that he would get phone calls from umpires, parents and visiting teams wanting to know if the ball game would still be on that night or
called off due to rain. After his active role in local baseball and hockey had come to conclusion, Harry took a keen interest in every game played in his ‘front’ yard and became the public address announcer for all levels of
baseball in the park as well as the announcer for Junior Lacrosse at Haig Bowl.


  • Niagara District Senior Baseball League President
  • Ontario Baseball Association Vice President


  • Ontario Minor Hockey Association ‘Silver Stick’ Award