Jim Harrison

Harrison, Jim Nickname _Football-300x350
Year Inducted 2010
Category Builder
Sport Football


  • Teacher, Coach and Head of Phys. Ed at Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School (1963-1987)
  • Coach of the Senior and Junior Football teams, boys basketball, and boys and girls track and field for 25 consecutive years at Sir. Winston
  • Official starter at SOSSA for track and field for many years
  • Member of numerous athletic committees through his teaching and coaching careers
  • QB/Halfback coordinator and special teams coach—Queen’s University 1987-1994 (won Vanier Cup in 1992)
  • Organized 4 football/educational trips for the SWC Senior team to the US
  • Member of the first Canadian sport contingent to visit Russia
  • Invited to be a guest football coach for the Hamilton Tiger Cats rookie camp in 1974
  • Came to St. Catharines in 1962 and taught and coached at Lakeport High school where he started their football program.



  • Winner of the prestigious Pete Beach award through OFSAA. This is awarded to a coach whose life was dedicated to sport and helping others, especially young people, achieve their full potential.