Rudy Pilous

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Birthdate 11 August 1914
Birthplace Manitoba
Year Inducted 1990
Category Builder
Sport Hockey


Rudy Pilous played, managed and coached many different teams throughout his career. During the 1920’s and 30’s, he played junior and senior hockey in Western Canada.  In 1937-38 he played for the New York Rangers farm club and The New York Rovers (Eastern Hockey League), and in 1934 The St. Catharines Saints (O.H.A Sr. “A”). He obtained a franchise for the St. Catharines first O.H.A Jr. “A” Team—The Falcons with partner Jay McDonald and he coached that team in 1943-44 and 1945-46.  From 1950-57 Pilous was manager and coach for the Memorial Cup Champion Teepees and Manager and Owner again for a year. He coached the Stanley Cup Champion Chicago Black Hawks (1961), and the Avco Cup Champion Winnipeg Jets (1973-74). He was the only coach to win the “Big Three” Cups (Memorial, Stanley and Avco).  In 1982, he was back in St. Catharines with the St. Catharines Saints, a Toronto Maple Leaf affiliate team.  He was inducted into the Canadian Hockey Hall of Fame in 1985.


  • New York Rovers
  • St. Catharines Saints
  • Memorial Cup Champion
  • Chicago Black Hawks
  • Winnipeg Jets


  • St. Catharines Hall of Fame 1990
  • Canadian Hockey Hall of Fame 1985