Ted Collins

Collins_Ted Nickname _Baseball-300x350
Year Inducted 2000
Category Athlete
Sport Baseball, Volleyball, Hockey


Ted Collins was an active player in a number of sports, including baseball, softball, basketball, volleyball, and hockey. Ted played both Juvenile and Junior Baseball, and then later on Senior Baseball with the Saints. In addition to baseball he also played softball with TP Chiefs Avondale and Livingstones. Ted’s high school basketball team won Central Ontario Championships, and with the Celtics he won the Dominion Championship. In Niagara Falls Ted played volleyball, and he played hockey with King Street Aces. In addition to his playing career, Ted Collins also refereed Minor Hockey for the Merritton Athletic Association, and was a life member of the Lions Club. For all of the sports that Ted participated in, and donated his time to contributing to the games he received the Niagara Old Tyme Sportsmen Award. Ted Collins also donated his time as a volunteer fireman for 27 years.


  • Saints Baseball Team—Juvenile, Junior and Senior
  • TP Chiefs Avondale and Lingsotones Softball Team
  • King Street Aces Hockey Team
  • Merritton Athletic Association– Minor Hockey Referee


  • Central Ontario Championships
  • Dominion Championship
  • Niagara Old Type Sportsmen Award